Compact design and Lightweight
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The aim of the S1 is to separate foreign heavy materials encountered in roasted coffee seeds.

It combines the use of gravity, air propulsion and a vertical venturi by way of a cylindrical duct, with a distinct silhouette resembling that of a swan.

Simply put, roasted coffee seeds enter the system at the junction of a vertical venturi against a raising air stream, causing the roasted coffee seeds to float in the direction of the air stream, through the system, and into your final storage tubs. Separation of light and heavy material occurs inside the ducting.

Materials which are heavier than roasted coffee seeds accumulate internally and are disposed off after each cycle. The S1 Roasted Coffee Destoner is compact, light weight, portable, adaptable, space and time saving.
The S1 roasted coffee destoners can be viewed by appointment at our warehouse U46/ 3 Kelso Cres, Moorebank, NSW.
  • Custom Built
  • Cost Effective
  • Compact Design
  • Lightweight
  • Easily Stored Away
  • Non Stop Destoning
  • No Vacuum Chamber to Discharge
S1 roasted coffee destoners accommodate roasters as low as 500mm.
  • Directly into tubs of choice.
  • No transferring between tubs.
  • Saving double handing and lifting.

MICE 2017
Winner of the Innovation Awards